Arnold J. Grant Associates provides real estate appraisal services to a diverse group of clients.
Thoughtful appraisals, promptly executed. These words announced our service offering at our founding and they remain a distillation of our appraisal philosophy today. We strive to create appraisals which are appropriate to our clients’ business situations and distinguish ourselves by concentration upon the essential elements of each appraisal.

Over several decades we have attracted a diverse client base. Appraisal clients include individuals, partnerships, and major corporations including banks, financial institutions, utilities and title insurance companies. We work with attorneys, accountants and other professionals and provide appraisal services to governments, universities, religious organizations, hospitals and non profit corporations. Please contact us to discuss your valuation needs and to learn more about our appraisal services.

Appraisals are performed throughout the State of Connecticut and encompass a broad range of property types. We welcome challenges associated with unusual properties and complex property interests.

Appraisal reviews undertaken for lending institutions address properties located throughout the United States. Appraisal reviews for litigation are performed in Connecticut.